Hello there! My name is Lix, and I’m — quite obviously, I realize —  the designer behind the Lix Hewett Design studio. Welcome to my portfolio! My business — a seamless combination of my design, photography and writing skills — has the goal of providing fellow bloggers and small business owners with the beautiful spaces that you, your brand, and your products deserve.

I create material for web and print that will grab your ideal readers’ attention and keep them reading. I believe in website design that emphasizes the content; photography that enhances the subject; solid, clean, eye-catching visuals that represent and complement your brand and its values.

This studio offers creative work mainly focused on graphic design — with an emphasis on print and print-style materials — and photography. I believe what sets me apart in this lovely freelance design world is my multi-passionate creativity: I can combine my skills and work on a project from conception to photography to design to launch.

Photo by Annemari SarriAbout Lix

I’m a visual snob without the judgmental mindset. I love art, but I’m also a reader and a writer, passionate about words and language since I was a child, and I want my design work to be a comfortable, glove-like fit for the content that inhabits it.

I started playing with graphic design when I was in my early teens, and got serious about photography when I was seventeen and owned a cheap, crappy point-and-shoot camera. A few years ago, I decided to sell prints of my photographs on Etsy. From this point, I began to hone my product photography skills, my modeling and self-portraiture, and eventually crowdfunded a new laptop in order to pursue a career in graphic design. I opened the doors to my design work the night of my 24th birthday, and opened the doors to photography by relocating to London in April 2014.

In addition to visual art, I do freelance writing, and I run my own lifestyle blog. Occasionally, I model. I have a background in fiction and poetry writing, and I play guitar very, very badly. I love cats, but none as much as I love my own, my first, the one I left back in Spain, and who I named after the city of Oxford.

I’m outspoken, sincere to a fault, and a bit of an oversharer. I believe honest communication is the key to everything, and I apply this belief to the way I interact with my clients. I want you to know that I care about presenting your brand and you in the best way I can, because I believe you’re already that good-looking (and your products aren’t bad, either!).

Interested in working with me? Have a look around this site, browse my portfolio, take a look at what’s on offer, and feel free to contact me at any stage of the way.