I’ve compiled a list of questions potential clients (and actual clients) have asked me in the past, and put them up here for future reference. I’d appreciate if you had a browse through these before asking me directly, but if anything’s unclear or you have a question that isn’t covered here, you’re welcome to use the form on my contact page or e-mail me directly at lix@lixhewett.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your timeline look like at the moment? Is there anything I need to know about your schedule?

I’m currently booked up 2-4 weeks in advance depending on the type of project. I usually work on smaller projects alongside bigger, scheduled ones. In an effort to keep normal-people hours, I don’t work after 9 PM GMT or on Sundays. This includes replying to e-mails. I only make exceptions for shoots where the client needs to be present and the rest of the week conflicts with their work schedule. I take national UK bank holidays off and will occasionally take a mental health day. I take these factors into consideration when drawing up a timeline for a project, so they won’t interfere with our schedule.

How long does it usually take you to finish a project?

It depends on the scope of the project, the amount of elements required and the number of revisions you request. Most individual projects take up to two weeks from the scheduled start date. “Individual project” means a blog design, or a media kit, or a shoot plus photoediting. If you purchase, say, a blog design AND a media kit AND a shoot, the turnaround time may add up to six weeks. I will always keep you in the loop regarding the timeline of your project.

I sent you an e-mail and you haven’t got back to me yet. What should I do?

I aim to reply to all e-mails within three days. If it’s been 72 hours since you sent it, I may not have got it. Please check that you sent it to the right address — lix@lixhewett.com; that’s Lix with an ‘x’ and Hewett with two ‘e’s — and, if you did, resend it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

How does payment work? Do you offer payment plans?

I accept two payment types: Paypal (direct invoice), and bank transfer (PDF invoice). Both are available internationally, although international bank transfers to my UK account will have to be cleared before I go ahead with your project. You can use your credit or debit card to pay through Paypal, and don’t even need an account to fulfill an invoice. I accept payments in USD, GBP or EUR. My bank account will automatically convert your money to GBP.

All work $900 and under needs to be paid for upfront. Packages over $900 may be divided in two or three payments: a nonrefundable 50% deposit upfront to secure your spot in my design queue, another payment at least two days before I’m due to start working on your project, and any remaining costs paid before delivery of final files or, in the case of web design, coding and installation.

While I’m flexible with payment terms because I know what it’s like to need to set up a business in order to afford to live, I reserve the right to ask for full upfront payment on a project even if it meets the minimum cost threshold requirements.

When you say in your about page that you like to combine your skills in projects, what exactly are you talking about?

I’m talking about projects that use both photography and design skills and, sometimes, writing skills. I can write the copy for your catalog, organize a shoot for your products, edit the photos, and design the final printable PDF. I can shoot portrait photos for your blog, design said blog, and design your media kit. I can write a photojournalistic feature or interview for your website about page or for your magazine. I can shoot and design the cover of your book. I can provide the stock photos for your personal website. (See the next question!) The possibilities are, quite frankly, endless, so just tell me what you need and I’ll let you know how much of it I can cover.

Who took the photos on this site?

I did! Every single photograph on this site was taken by me. Stock photography is one of the services I offer, on its own and in conjunction with my design services, so I wanted my own portfolio to showcase that line of work.

What does “design only, no development” for any web platform mean on your services page?

It means that while I will code and install my web design on the platforms stated on the list, I can also design your site with an eye towards the requirements and limitations of your chosen platform if you choose a different one, but you’ll need to find somebody else to code it. (Or have me find them!) You will receive the final PSD mockup in step 4.B of my design process and any graphic design elements included in the package you purchased.

Can we discuss my project over Skype?

Yes, but you need to have paid a deposit on your package already or pay my base hourly fee (£35). The fee will be discounted from the price of your design package if you choose to purchase after discussion, and cover my time if you don’t.

I want to hire you to shoot my products, workspace and/or portraits. Can you do this remotely?

Absolutely! If you’re based in Spain, I can come to you; you just need to cover my travel costs. (For photography work valued at or above $600, I will go anywhere my EU ID allows me to go as long as travel and, if applicable, accommodation costs are covered.)

For product photography, you can also mail your products to me. I will provide my address after payment and return the products after delivering the final photography files. You will need to cover all postage costs.

Will you write about me/my brand on your blog?

I will probably share the work I did for you and link you in good faith. This is done on my own timeline and is outside the scope of my design packages. You can request that I not share the work on my blog; you can pay a fee if you don’t want me to share it on my portfolio. I do, however, run sponsored content on my blog, so you’re welcome to buy a sponsored post for a certain post on a certain date.