The Process

The Design Process

Step 1: Contact

First, you get in touch with me to tell me about your project. Once we’ve settled on what you need and the timeline on which I will deliver it, I will send you an invoice or a link to an Etsy listing. When this is paid, your spot in my design queue will be secured, and I will send a questionnaire that should be filled out and returned to me before I’m due to start work on your project.

Step 2: Beginning

Once the questionnaire is filled out and the agreed-upon date to start the design process arrives, I will start to put together a private pin board or mood board to pin down (no pun intended) the mood, inspiration, color palette, fonts and other details of your design project. This will be revised a reasonable number of times until we’ve got your ideal board down. The final design guide will be a Photoshop-created file.

Step 3: Draft + Revisions

When I have all the information I need, I will begin to work on a draft of your project. This is generally logo concepts for logo and web design, the final design for print and web elements, and the actual shoot for photography work.

I will deliver the draft to you and you’ll get back to me with any requests for revisions you need. I will revise the first draft until you’re happy with the results, then move on to step 4.A for non-web work and 4.B for web design.

NON-WEB | Step 4.A: Delivery

When you’re happy with the draft, I will create the deliverables: PNGs for graphic elements, JPGs and/or PDFs for print design, high-resolution JPGs and optional web-res PNGs for photography, and PSDs + JPGs + PNGs for logos. PSDs for other work can be delivered at an additional fee.

For most projects, that’s it: we’re done! You’re free to enjoy your new visuals. For web design projects, see steps 4.B & 5.B on the next two columns.

WEB | Step 4.B: Mockup

If we’re working on a blog, portfolio, personal website or e-commerce design, I will create a mock-up or proof of the final design in Photoshop. I will run up to two rounds of revisions on this mock-up before starting on the code and/or installation.

If your package includes migration to WordPress or web setup, I will work on setting you up alongside this step.

WEB | Step 5.B: Delivery

When we’ve settled on a mockup, I will code up and install the final theme, including sidebar and plugin graphics. All other graphic elements (e.g. ad banners, social media covers, page graphics, logo files; this will depend on the package you purchased) will be delivered to you via e-mail as detailed in step 4.A for non-web work.

And that’s it! Enjoy your new space.

Additional Notes:

  • Step 2 may not feature in some projects, depending on the scope of your design needs, the thoroughness of your questionnaire, whether you’ve got an existing branding guide or not, and generally whether I feel I can create something you’ll love with the information gathered in step 1.
  • Most of my design packages include two rounds of revisions; product photography packages include one reshoot. You can purchase additional revisions if needed, and additional concepts in the case of logo design and web mock-ups.
  • If any issues arise after delivery, tech support and future revisions are available for an hourly fee. You can also add tech support and future revisions to your original package at a discounted rate; simply ask before purchase.

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